World of Warcraft Stein with Lich King Features

February 3rd, 2010 in MMORPG,World of Warcraft

Seems we have missed the news about Wow Stein. Are they still popular? Or the players prefer to get the gold from Blizzard? Anyway, we would like to collect some Wow Stein news from the popular Wow community as the memos:)

ve teamed up with to give away two of these incredibly detailed steins, one Horde themed and one Alliance. Here’s how you can win one:
As you know, Brewfest is well under way, so there is plenty of opportunity for your characters to get stuck in and enjoy all the Brew. We want you to design a Brewfest-themed postcard, similar to the Christmas card competition we ran last year. The ‘card’ can have text if you like, or just a picture. You can get a big group together, or have just you and your Brew. Either way, it must show players or their characters enjoying the merriments of Brewfest!
Click the images below to see a high-res version.

The above is a quote comes from the blog of incgamers. And the newer one news about World of Warcraft Stein with Lich King features is took from

Remember those World of Warcraft steins you thought were way too expensive and passed on buying? There’s another one. Three Point Entertainment has released a new stein, this one featuring everyone’s favorite bad guy, the Lich King himself, brandishing Frostmourne and leading an army of the Undead in the way he’s apt to do. We have to admit, it does look cool and all, but at $90, we’ll be drinking our ale from the usual sippy-cup, thanks.
And just in case you happen to be burdened with too much money in this horrendous economy, you can get a “Legendary Collection” version for $175 that’s signed by the artist, is limited to only 750 steins worldwide, and includes “premium hand painting throughout.” No idea why you’d want your hands painted, but if you’re really spending $175 on a World of Warcraft mug, you’re already nuts.
The new steins start shipping in late April and May. Considering all of the bailouts lately, your house will probably have regained its value enough for you to afford one of these, right? We say go for it.

The newest one about World of Warcraft Stein as following!

Dragons have always been able to inspire awe in the imaginations of men and women. From the Middle Ages onward, we’ve been fascinated with these mighty lizards, intertwining them into our religions and cultures in a way that ensures we’ll always have some form of the beasts integrated into our lives. Thus, it comes as no surprise that dragons are also some of the most popular creatures found in today’s massively multiplayer online games. Since 2004, World of Warcraft has continued the tradition of the dragons, showcasing their own twist on these epic tales and creating their own thick-scaled beasts. The greatest of these creatures are known as the Great Dragonflights with the others below them are simply called dragonflights. They are majestic and monstrous, horrifying and honorable all at once.
With these details in mind, we turn our attention towards our World of Warcraft Stein of the Week, the Charge of the Great Dragonflights. Make sure you click here to read about this Epic Collection stein and what the ZAM editors thought of this culinary craft!

We expect the Wow Stein with Cataclysm Features!

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