WOW 3.3.3 PTR Patch Notes Updated

March 3rd, 2010 in World of Warcraft,WoW Patch

We have noticed that the PTR patch notes has been updated. So the following information is useful if you are an Wow addict. It has been posted by Zarhym at official forum. And the official patch notes page for Public Test Realm was updated by Blizzard as well as.

Update: 03.02.2010

Honorable Kills: Note on the 100% Honor increase clarified
Druids: Mangle
Mages: Empowered Fire, Torment of the Weak
Rogues: Serrated Blades
Warriors: Trauma, Improved Revenge
Glyphs: Glyph of Mangle
Tier-10 Sets: priest healing 4-piece set bonus, shaman Elemental 4-piece set bonus
Maximum frame rate capacity added

Feel free to get the full patch details for the Public Test Ream.

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