Why Blizzard Combats Against Gold Exchange?

November 4th, 2009 in Buzz,Industry

In fact, Blizzard Entertainment is NOT against the gold exchange and power leveling services strictly. But they always hate and combat with spammers.

Seems, all game developers or publishers keep opposition to most virtual services included gold exchange, power leveling services. As the most popular game World of Warcraft owners: Blizzard. He has a clear register terms to against the gold exchange. However, the virtual market has been there since 1998, and it grows up. We are here to discuss why blizzard against virtual services!

Let’s have a look at what blizzard talk about virtual market first.

We would like to make a clear statement here about the negative impact of buying gold and using power-leveling services. Every day, we encounter players who have been negatively affected and targeted by companies offering these services. So, we hope to raise awareness about the practices they engage in and the detrimental effects they have on all players, including their own customers, as well as on the game environment as a whole.

What many people don’t realize when buying gold is the large impact it has on the game economy, and also how the companies selling gold obtain it. Our developers, in-game support, and anti-hack teams work diligently to stop the exploits these companies use and help players who have become victims of their services. We regularly track the source of the gold these companies sell, and find that an alarmingly high amount comes from hacked accounts. These are the friends, relatives, and guildmates you may know who have gone through the experience of having characters, gold, and items stripped from them after visiting a website or opening a file containing a trojan virus. Our teams work to educate players and assist them in avoiding account compromise, but the fact remains that the players themselves are often these companies’ largest target as a source for gold, which the companies then turn around and sell to other players……..

Obviously, Blizzard told us there are two negative effects of wow gold buying and power-leveling services.

  1. Destroy the economy in World of Warcraft: Why do they wanna maintain game economy? It is all about the profits. First of all, the game economy is related with the game lifecycle. Blizzard will lose lots of profits once the game economy has been broken. Secondly, the spammers use the automatic scripts/bots to farm gold with ease. So that WOW time cards’ value has been decreased. They lose profits in this layer as well. Thirdly, too many spammers in wow will reduce other players’ experience. The revenues will be lost once those players decide dropped their wow accounts.
  2. Unfair to other players: Oh…The world is unfair really in most cases:) You make decision.

Conclusion: So please stop to buy gold and power level services from spammers. Please don’t anxious to get gold on the cheap prices. You are supporting spammers. MmorpgRealm.com is one of the safe places to buy services for your World of Warcraft characters. We don’t use any bot, we are getting gold as the normal players. We enjoy the game as you.

Bonus – Industry Overview by an unofficial statistics

The following table show us how the virtual market grows.

YearTypical MMOGold Store NumberTypical Site
2001Ever Quest10IGE.com, MySuperSales.com
2003Lineage 2/FFXI32Ezgaming.com, MMoShop.com(closed)
2004World of Warcraft81SwgVault.com, ThSale.com, Gold4Power.com, WoWMine(closed)
2009WOW/Aion Online168

It’s easy to detect the following things

  1. As time goes on, the more MMORPG has been developed. More than 20 games hasn’t been listed, e.g.: Everquest 2, SWG, Second Life, COV etc.
  2. As more games are available, the site for virtual store are increase by at least double per year.
    • World of Warcraft is the successful game that give us different experiences. At the same time, it caused virtual marketing grows sharply.
    • We have to address that one company always has lots of storefronts. The statistics
      above are based upon the site!
    • Some company are failed/closed, so you should choose the place where to buy wow gold carefully.
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