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STO credits or STO energy credits (all short for Star Trek online Energy Credits), is the primary money in the new MMORPG Star Trek Online. The game develops and publishes by Cryptic Studios. And STO energy credits sometimes is referred as sto gold. As gold is the major money of many popular MMORPG. The credits are tradeable with other players in Star Trek online. MmorpgRealm, as your handy game enhancer, is excitedly to announce (February 02,2010) that we are the first gold store sells STO credits and STO power leveling.

STO Credits For Sale

Don’t worry about STO Credits. Because you are stand at the virtual money store offers the STO credits at the earliest time in the world! We started to offer sto credits since it has been released in February 02, 2010. As the players, you should take funny of STO. In other words, if you feel you need money in the game, just buy STO credits from us directly. Don’t waste your valuable time to grinding STO gold any more! Although Star trek online is new game. We have more than 5 years experiences in the virtual gold marketing. So we have confidences for your deals. No matter you are playing in klingon or federation, you are able to buy cheap STO credits here.

Update for STO Credits selling

Updated in February 16, 2010 – The unit price of STO credits has been cut down more than 50% today. Because we know the game well and have an important breakthrough of the credits grinding(the technology we used to get credits in the game are legal absolutely). At the same time, we decided to stock the credits for our customers. It means that you can get your credits no more than half hour if the stock has enough to pay your orders:) Thanks!

Updated in February 10, 2010 – We have created a dedicated page for Star Trek Energy Credits. Till the updating(February 10, 2010), we have already sold more than 50 STO credits orders. And three-fourths has been delivered. Some of STO credits buyers ONLY give us their character name for credits delivery. Please be aware of It’s not enough to capture you in STO. In other words, we have no ability to deliver STO credits to you. In those cases, we have tried to call you to get the correct names(e.g: [email protected]; sto for character name and for ship name). In order to deliver the sto credits to you, we call you for delivery schedule once your STO credits is ready. However, we are failed to contact you as nobody answers at the other end of the telephone. Anyway, if you don’t If you have not received your STO credits yet. Please try to contact us via live chat or toll free right now(click the top-right link titled as Live Chat). We are very very sorry about the delay. Thanks for your understanding and patiences!

How to buy STO Credits here!

Buying credits for STO is simple at the store. Even without registration, you can buy sto credits from us. Just follow the steps below.

  1. There are several links to enter the portal of sto credits purchase.
    • Buy GoldThe first button at the right of the page.
    • The curl at the right-top corner
    • The text link at the top-right of this sub-section, titled as Buy STO Credits Now!
  2. Select the game as Star Trek Online and the faction of your character in.
  3. Review the prices and decide how many sto credits you would like to buy.
  4. Fill your STO character and ship names. Choose the delivery method of the sto gold. And click next!
  5. Fill some personal information such as your real name, telephone etc. Please be honest to provide all your information. The info are used for your sto gold order verification and We won’t share your information to any third party! And all information are transfered via SSL.
  6. Pay your STO gold via PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer, Moneybookers or Western Union.
  7. Wait a while for the credits delivery. No more than 30 minutes as we start to keep STO credits in stock for faster delivery since February 16, 2010. Feel free to contact your representative for the delivery schedule!

You can read the page of Star Trek Online credits for more details of your gold purchase. It includes free tips to get cheaper gold at our store. Do not by shy to buy STO credits directly!

Buy STO Credits Now!

Normal STO Power Leveling

As same as STO credits, we are the first who provide STO power leveling services. We can help you get the current level cap(lvl 40) for Engineer officer or Science officer or Tactical. The sto credits got during the power leveling are all belongs to the buyers. But we keep rights to use them for getting the goal of leveling faster.

As Star Trek Online is a new game, we highly don’t recommend you guys to buy power leveling till you have get one character from leveling 1 to level cap by yourself. You should understand the game’s content first! However, if you really an MMORPG guru, and no time to grinding STO leveling, we are pleasure to help you!

Power Leveling Packages

There is no any packages for the STO Power Leveling at the moment! It will be available soon. The power leveling packages is always cheaper than normal power leveling and binds with some items such as ships in Star Trek Online or the given amount of STO Credits.

Get STO Level CAP NOW!

STO Accounts

The sub-section is not available for the time being! We will modified the page once we can buy or sell the STO accounts. Thanks!

Sell STO Accounts – The star trek online is very new game. However, any legal players who want to sell their STO accounts can contact us to consulate the details about account dealing! Please be aware of we are always here for you! No matter if you would like to buy STO Credits for your character or Sell accounts, we are pleasure to help you!

How to get a STO Open Beta Key!

Cryptic Studios cooperates with wide community to publish STO Open Beta Keys. Anyway, read the open beta FAQ from the official site first! There is a list of places you can get open beta keys. We published a new for STO keys too.

Star Trek Online Keys to open STO Account

Star Trek Online CD Key

Star Trek Online Ditigal Key

Publisher:Cryptic Studio
Category:STO Game Cards
Full Name:Star Trek Online CD-Key[Worldwide]
Description: This is a fully legit, Out-Of-The-Box Star Trek Online CD Key / Serial! Delivery via email within 24 hours of payment. In other words, the key of STO here is ditigal product. At the same time, please be aware of that we keep the right to cancel your order! But your order will be process within 24 hours. This game requires a monthly fee to play. The first 30 days of the fee are included in the purchase prices of this package. Feel free to active and download your code at official site[].
Actions:Buy STO Key Now

60 Days Prepaid Card – Pay STO Fee without Credit Cards

Star Trek Online Timecard - 60 days prepaid

STO 60 Days Prepaid Timecard

Publisher:Cryptic Studio
Category:STO Game Cards
Full Name:Star Trek Online pre-paid Timecard – 60 days[Worldwide]
Description: STO pre-paid timecards are in-stock. The cards will the serial number which send to you via email. But please be aware of your payment should be valiated by us first. It always took 24 hours, that’s essential step to combat with frauds. Thanks for your understanding! You can pay it with PayPal/Moneybookers/Western Union/TT.
Actions:Buy Stat Trek Online Timecard Now

Can I pre-order/order an official STO key here?

Unfortunately, you can’t.Star Trek Online Keys arrived At the same time, we are pleasure to refer some stores that you can get the keys from. Click rith now! For the subscription details, please go to Star Trek Exclusive Specials.

Star Trek Online Official site has updated to be ready for official publish. And we are recommended to buy a real key from GameSpot’s Location store.

Select Gamestops around the country will be opening at 12:00 a.m. on February 2 to allow Star Trek Online fans a chance to purchase the game immediately after it officially goes on sale. Check out the current list of Gamestop stores opening at midnight here.

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