STO Players Try to buy STO Credits?

January 26th, 2010 in Star Trek Online

At the last weekend, we have noticed the following phrase has been searched at Although we have no the highest relate phrase ranks high on Google. But we still get shiny page views through phrases such as STO Credits. So we think it’s necessary to prepare the gold selling page for Star Trek Online player!
It seems that Google doesn’t understand what the STO means. At least, it hasn’t any related with Star Trek Online for the time being! Don’t understand? Just search WoW gold, the phrase World of Warcraft gold will highlight in the search results pages as same as Wow gold. Oh…It is off topic. Let’s go back to STO Credits.
Based upon our last discussion, Star Trek online has a bit complicated money system. In other words, even some players are confused by the money system in STO. We understand the money could able be exchange in the game is titled Energy CREDITS. Wooo…it is still different than other games. Usually, the game developer use one words to name the currency of the game, such as Credits for EVE. Anyway, even the name is canonical. We guess the players would like to use the favor phrase to find the place to buy STO credits. In order to build a wonderful page, we would like to get your question of the following poll. Could you please spend 5 minutes for us? Thanks very much!

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