STO Credits, Power Leveling Are Available

February 2nd, 2010 in Press Release,Star Trek Online

We are excited to announce that STO Credits and Power Leveling services are available at our store! In other words, star trek online players can buy credits or power leveling services here! Click the following links for details about STO credits and STO power leveling.
An overview of the Star Trek Online services.

STO Credits
You can call STO gold or STO money as well. We use Kilo as credits unit. 1K STO credits cost $0.25 – $0.29. It is various based on the amount you purchase at once!
STO Power Leveling
The level cap is selling at $380 can be completed in 16 days!
STO Accounts
As the game is really new. We don’t start to offer the account exchange for the time being!
STO Keys
The online store doesn’t support the buying of the Key of STO. But there is some tips about the STO Keys.

If you have any feature demands, let us know! We would like to work it out for you!

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