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January 15th, 2010 in Star Trek Online

As Star Trek Online Beta Key mentioned, I am going to set the STO account and character up. I have got the beta account of STO via As well as, they offer a good services of beta version download for her premier users.

Star Trek Online Launcher
While I have installed the game on my Windows 7(64 bits), I can’t wait to jump into the game. When the game was launching, it detected the drive of the video card doesn’t up to data. So I have found the newset one for my video card(NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275).
Then I launched the STO again. Then STO requires me to fill the username and password(see image 1). After filling, the game launcher loaded patch for you(image 2: it takes 3-5 minutes at the first time loading, and no more than one minute later). Click EnGAGE button, It goes to the full screen of the game. So one of my screen has been disabled(My computer has two screens). I have to enter the ESC to back to the window mode. With ESC clicking, the STO account has been signed out. And it’s image 3. There are some options at the right-bottom side. The last one is confirm options. BTW, I am not sure why the designer get the exit button at the left side, but other options at the right:). Click the options, we are able to confirm the video, audio etc. You can view the video setting via image 4.
At image 2, we are informed that the level cap of STO Open Beta is lvl 16.

Star Trek Online Launcher
Now I have set the STO window better for myself. It’s time to get my first STO character! Once the mouse hovers the button New Federation Character (see @ image 5), you will be noticed one STO account can set the two character at one time. I have to creat the character as I have no character yet. Unlikely other games, there is no class to choice, instead of three careers: Engineering Officer, Science Officer and Tactical Officer. I have no idea about them. So I have reviewed some posts at the STO official forum. I have got those suggestions.

Pretty much so yes.
I also believe that higher levels skill paths will diverge slightly based on your career, no confirmation on this yet though

This has been my impression so far, and I would REALLY like some confirmation on this before the game goes live. Can anyone who has played more of the game comment on this?

Is class choice (de facto) meaningless for the space combat side of things. If it IS important, could you please provide some concrete examples of how?

Also, is Hithrae right about the skills diverging during the end-game. The last thing I want to do when the game goes live is level up a character only to find out at the very, very end that I don’t like my class’s space combat side of things.

Another thing you’ll need to carefully consider is your captain’s chosen profession. While you can pilot any ship regardless of your captain’s specialty, your chosen profession will decide where you’re at your best.

For space, Engineers specialize in Cruisers, which are meaty mammoths equipped with large crews and sizable weaponry. Escorts are smaller, faster and much more heavily armed ships that dish out far more raw firepower than they can take. Lastly — but of course nearly as important — are the Science ships, which support allies and weaken enemies. Science vessels also come equipped with cutting edge sensors, making them extra useful when dealing with, say, sneaky enemies like the Klingons and their cloak tech.

As for ground combat, your role is more set in stone. The big thing here is your “kit” which comes with a special ability you can use during combat. Engineers can equip a kit that lets them teleport small phaser turrets or shield regeneration stations. Tacical kits allow you to toss photon grenades or temporarily boost your ranged capability.

I read some time ago (so it may have changed completely, take it as you will), that your captain will eventually be able to boost bridge officers of the same type as themselves. That is, if you’re an engineer, you can make your engineer officers perform better. If this is true, it would be ideal to have an engineer on a cruiser (has the most engineering stations), science on science, and tactical on escort – due to those ships utilizing the largest number of “matching” bridge stations to your captain. I think that all ships will have at least 1 of each type of station, however, so mixinf & matching shouldn’t be a total waste, just not entirely optimized to perform a single task as best it can be done.

I’m personally hoping to make an engineer on a science vessel, to play a support ship that is (I hope) a little more survivable in combat. That is, if the client downloads sometime this millennia…

Career choice effects your skill sets. Different choices bring different skills to both space and ground combat. I’ve been cross-classing myself. Using a engineering captain on a tactical escort made for some neat combo’s and a highly effective combat vessel.

Class choice does affect what skills you may train, easiest way is to create three random chars of differing classes and examine the list of skills available to you. While some are common across the classes many are not, as you gain rank more specialised skills can be trained, like shield improvements, maintenance, boarding parties, manoeuvrability, scanner abilities, and so on. Only a tactical officer can train away team improvements for rifles, or pistols or hand to hand, etc, an engineering officer gets extra skills for improving repairs, engines and shields.

Another one for STO players who prefer to solo

This has undoubtably been discussed already, but I’d like to get a fresh perspective. Between a tactical or a an engineering captain, which is best for soloing? I’m soon to be in OB, but haven’t been able to get in yet. Anyway, I like the idea of DPS (tactical), but dps types are generally glass jaw types, right? I understand that an engineering captain is like a tank that can buff some. But, can engineers deal out enough damage to solo without having to resort to always having to group for dps? Or, does the whole away team concept where you can pick and choose from your Boffs to compliment your captain career choice make it so you can be any captain type (you just bring Boffs with different skills)?

Or, just ignore everything I just said and say what class you think is best for soloing and why. Believe me, I’d find out for myself, but FilePlanet is the Devil.

I would say your ship choice has a bigger affect then your career choice.

Ok then, that’s a fair comment. So, which ship class and why? And as an addition to that question, with whatever anyone feels is the best solo ship class….what captain type is the best compliment to that ‘best’ solo ship? For example, if a Defiant type Escort ship is best for soloing, do I want to be a tactical captain to add even more firepower, or do I take my tactical ship and captain it with an engineer to give my dps ship some toughness?

Thanks for the response by the way.

That depends on how specialized you want to be. Given that you are asking about solo abilities I think more flexibility is a good thing. The class of ship you choose will always have more stations and higher ranking BO slots of its type. For instance a Science ship will have the highest ranking BO slots be for Science bridge officers where tactical and engineering will have fewer slots and lower rank. Also the base class you pick determines what skills you have available to you. You can find a list of skills sticky’ed in the Starfleet Academy section of this forum. So if you want to be the best debuffer you could be you would pick a Science class captain and put them in a Science class ship.

For solo however I have really liked mixing things up a bit. In closed beta I was a Engineering captain and I flew both a cruiser and a science ship. In general I found the science ship made soloing easier then the cruiser. Some would say the Science ship was overpowered in beta but regardless having three science skills at Lt. Cmd. between two BO’s and one Engineering and one Tactical skill plus my Engineering captains skills seemed to mesh well together. However there is nothing that says you can’t fly more than one type of ship either.

I wouldn’t worry too much about finding the perfect class right now. It’s open beta and your toon is going to get deleted when the game goes live so at this point your focus should be more learning the system then trying to optimize your toon. That and reporting bugs.

im thinking two things

a tactical captain in a cruiser. that way you have uber tankage/repair + a boost to tactical from your uber captain.

or a engineer captain in an escort ship. that way you should get a boost to repair/engineering stuff and still have uber damage, i really hope escort ships arent paper thin like blasters in COH

to me having my captain as an engineer on escort makes sense because the ship has alot of slots for tactical bridge officers and the stations are higher ranking in tactical than engineer.

so it comes boosted for combat and needs some help from engineering, and since the engineer stations are low ranking and few already, why waste one taking it up with another mediocre bridge officer engineer, when i can be that engineer, of course ill have all the engineer slots filled, but you get what i mean.

im thinking the tactical captain/cruiser will be better though, the damage cant be that far behind an escort

Your captains abilities seem significantly more powerful than your Bridge officers abilities. I have Rotate Shield Frequency on my Engineering captain and that seems to restore a lot more shield strength compared to Emergency power to shields that my engineering BO has. As a Lt. Cmd. flying a cruiser I have three Engineering BO abilities (one lt. and two ensign) plus my own engineering space abilities. It just seems like a Engineer flying a cruiser is very Engineering abilities heavy. If I fly a Science ship It feels much more balanced. I have not got a chance to try a escort yet. If I was going to fly a Cruiser full time in live I would probably either be a Science or Tactical captain to balance out the abilities a bit.

Honestly the best thing to do in open beta is pick a class that has the space and ground abilities you want and play with all three ship classes. At least at Tier 2 the ships are not that expensive to buy. It’s more of a pain picking up all the Lt. grade BO’s you need to fit out all three ships then it is the ships themselves or the gear. Credits are pretty easy to come by, merits seem to be much rarer.

Anyway, I decided to try each career by myself. Maybe later write a Star Trek Online Career Choices Guide for newbie.

Some Useful Articles in the internet I have read to prepare to play the game.
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I really can’t wait to play the game, so forgive me! I have to go!:)

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