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Star Trek Online Credits Pricing

The prices of Star Trek Online Credits has been slashed more than 50% in February 16,2010 here. And we start to keep an given amount of credits in stock (based upon the amount of our last seven days’ average sales). We understand that the first thing the buyers are concerned about is the prices of the star trek online credits. So we would like to let you know how we to pricing the Star Trek Online credits. There are two parts to compose the value of STO Credits.

The first one is the cost of the Star Trek Online credits. We should pay for Star Trek Online Keys, then pay the monthly subscription fee to cryptic studio as well as. And we should buy computer to start the game. We still need the ground fee to put the computers and electricity fee too. On the other hands, our staffs spend lots of time to play in Star Trek Online for grinding the energy credits for you!

The second one which affect the Star Trek Online pricing is the marketing. We monitor the competitors’ prices of the star trek online credits. So that we can keep an aggressive advantage. If you find any store sells Star Trek online credits, but it’s cheaper than us. Just send us an email via online form(at the right-bottom, there is a contact us link. However, we can’t compared with the store who uses bots to farming Star trek online credits. Although, it seems there are no such bots for Star Trek online as it’s fire-new:) Thanks for your understanding!

Tips for Cheap Star Trek Online Credtis – In a word, you will save money once you buy star trek online credits all at once!

Buy Star Trek Online Credits

Trade Credits in Star Trek Online

As we mentioned at the section of the prices above, there are always star trek online credits in stock at our store. So please try to keep online for half hour to receive your credits in the game:) Thanks!The methods to get the Star Trek Online gold in our store is very flexible. Choose one of the favor one from the following list. Please give us both your character name and ship name. Otherwise, we have no ability to trade your credits in Star Trek Online !

  • In-STO Mail: It can not be executed as the mail system of Star Trek Online is only for items.
  • Character to Character: it is also referred as Fact to Face or F2F. Everyone can understand it by the literal meaning of the trading name! We may contact you via telephone for delivery schedule of your Star Trek Online gold.
  • Put into My STO Accounts -with 5% energy credits bonus It is an extension of the F2F in fact. But it will save the time as we get your login and password. We can trade the Star Trek Online credits once the STO gold is ready. No calling, No waiting, we login and trade for you!

How long will I get energy credits?

First of all, please be aware that each payment should be validated by our system automatically and by the staff manually in some case. We should fight with frauds although 99% buyers are authentic. Secondly, we have no star trek online credits in stock for the time being. Plus, we get each Star Trek Online credits by hand. Additionally, the game server may not solid as it’s new! So it may take some time to prepare the delivery. The time are various based upon how many you bought. However, you can monitor the order status with ease, just login into your MMORPG’s accounts. Thanks for your understanding!

Notices: we won’t request you to return the star trek online energy credits back once it has been delivered. Be careful with some scams in Star Trek Online!

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Star Trek Energy Credits Payment

The star trek online credits store supports the following third payments solutions.

  • PayPal: The #1 worldwide payment solution for both security and speed. You are able to pay with credit card via PayPal for your sto credits. Even without registration if you lived in the United States and Australian.
  • MoneyBookers: Another popular online payment gateway. Most of our customers who comes from EURO prefer the MoneyBookers.
  • TT: The full name is Telegraphic Transfer or Telex Transfer. It is an electronic means of transferring funds overseas. As a transfer charge is collected while sending money, we give 5% discounts for the Star Trek online credits buyers who pay with T/T. Try to ask your banking representative for more details!
  • Western Union: For people who has no banking accounts or wouldn’t like to pay online directly, Western Union is used as Offline payment at our store. You should contact us via Live Chat(24/7/365) to get the receiver information.

The above payment solutions are applied for other services such as STO Power Leveling as well as.

Notices: some buyers would like to pay with E-CHECK,That’s great! However, please be aware of that your star trek online credits won’t be delivered till the e-check is cleared. 3-5 business days always be token depends on your banking!

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