Star Trek Online Beta Key – how to get [updated]

January 14th, 2010 in How to,Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is being open beta. The Open Beta period is from January 12, 2010 to January 26, 2010. As Star Trek Online Official site said: there are thousands of players during the Open Beta Period. So how to get a star trek online beta key?

Two Methods to get the Beta Key

  1. Open beta Open beta keys are included in all pre-order boxes, and are given out by selected partners: FilePlanet/Shacknews/Zam/Hailing Frequency/inc gamers/WarCry/Alltern8/Game Informer/Ten Ton Hammer – OUT OF KEYS/Massively – OUT OF KEYS. And New partners will be updated daily.
  2. Can’t find a key at a partner site? Still feeling lucky? Well, if you have a registered account with us, you may also receive one of the keys we’ll be sending out at random to our userbase.

For more question, just go to official star trek online site.

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I will setup the beta STO Account later and tell your guys my character name![email protected]( is my ship name, it’s perfect:)

Update: I have read the way to get free Star Trek Online Beta Key as following:

1: Log onto Twitter and follow the four NowGamer accounts: @NowGamer_Dan, @NowGamer_Nick, @NowGamer_Tom and @NowGamer_Events.
2: Now make a LIST and add those accounts to it. Call it something like ‘gaming’ or some such, or add us to a list you already have.
3: Once done – and yes, we will check – Tweet @NowGamer_Dan requesting your STO beta key. Do not tweet the other accounts about it, even if you have to wait 24 hours for your key. If you followed these instructions, you will get your key, so please be patient.
4: If you already follow from a previous beta key giveaway, you’ll need to get a friend to follow, and once he or she is, include that friend’s name in your request for the key.
5: At some point shortly thereafter, Dan will DM you with the key via Twitter.
6: Once your key is received, tweet this to your followers “I got a Star Trek Online beta key from @NowGamer_Dan. Click here to find out how you can too.”

I don’t verify it. But it seems some guys really got the free beta key from NowGamer already! So just try it!


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  1. Super

    I’m not sure why the previous reviewer had so much trouble with the character recognition. Perhaps it is a defect in the particular unit he received. In my case, it did a very fine job recognizing the data on a large variety of business cards. Very fast, and easy to use. I did not activate the integration with Outlook, but did set it up to make the Cardscan contact list available in Outlook, and that worked just fine. My only quibble is with the free online backup that they offer: the fine print tells you that they will email everyone on your contact list periodically to encourage them to join up. This sounds like a great way to lose all your friends, so I didn’t do it.

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