Cataclysm Class Preview! Wow…

April 6th, 2010 in Cataclysm

We get excited because Blizzards blue poster inform that the Cataclysm Class information coming half hour ago. During the post, a short schedule shows us excat day(but random time:) of the features/modification for each class. The informatin about all exist class will be released in half an month. The Shaman and Warlock(April 7) coming first, then goes to Priest/Warrior(April 8); A next day, Death Knight/Rogue/Hunter follow. The all above eight World of Warcraft classes were developed already. As of Paladin, will be a bit late in 16th April. Because the paladin is still deep in development. Anyway, it’s the really good informatin for the World of warcraft fans that still love the game and are waiting Cataclysm.

A bit more about – World of Warcraft Cataclysm, as the third expansion of the most popular MMORPG games in the world, followes to Wrath of Lich King, has many new features includes two new playable races and new map etc. You can either read the whole cataclysm features on our Wow gold site or on WOW official catalysm FAQ.

Let’s go together to read the coming cataclysm calss day by day! By the way, we are preparing the promotion for cataclysm gold. Keep your eyes with your email box if you have purchased Wow gold ago. Alternately, you can subscribe 21CGE newsletters to get our promotion info freely. Do not be hesitate to stock a few gold! The gold prices may raises up as the cataclysm goes over to us closely. That’s not an joke, and nor order as well(we can not order the god never!). Just the words to remind:)

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