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Do you know how many players buy WOW Gold directly, instead of farming gold in Wow by themselves? Do you envy your friends as their characters are always richer than yours? Do you feel the money in WoW is usually not ENOUGH? Feel so, that’s your shopping time! Don’t be shy to buy World of Warcraft gold!

Buy Cheap WoW Gold VS Buy Safe WoW Gold

It’s the topic that always be ignored by almost all buyers. We understand that everyone prefer to buy cheaper Wow gold. Specially, there are too many Wow gold store in the marketing(We monitor more than 100 site’s retail prices daily:). But you should be aware of that the cheaper one doesn’t mean better. Otherwise, we are glad to built a comparison shopping site for Wow gold buyers. However, we are still in the market for selling since 2005. We would like to show your more details as the super addition of the section of wow gold at home page.

Buy Wow gold from cheap sellers = Destroy Game Environment!!

You are supporting spamming, botting, and keylogging if you always buy Wow gold from the cheapest store. In fact, that’s why Blizzard combat with the wow gold buying and power leveling services. Till the writing, some sites sell 5000 wow gold under $60.00. We know that, as we scam almost all online stores who sell wow gold day by day. There is no surprise to us, because we know why they can sell it at low price. They use automatic scripts to farm gold in wow. One computer supports five or ten wow characters by the bots at the same time. So their cost is lower than your can imagine. We can’t persuade ourselves to become those type of company. We are all players, we all love World of Warcraft very much. We think we should keep the game environment well.

How does MmorpgRealM acquire Warcraft gold? Grinding, NOT Farming WoW Gold

We enjoy the game as each legal player, so we get gold in WoW during the normal playing. We get it by time, by hands, No any bots, one computer, one character! As the normal players, we usually play in CQ/YXCQ, DX/YXDX, MG/YXMG, MSLD. We even have our own WOW guilds. We store Wow gold in the bank of our guild:)

As we get the gold in Wow via the legal way, we are the cheapest gold seller in the market. However, please stop to support spammers! So you should buy Wow gold here

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How to buy Wow gold here?

If you have decided to buy wow gold from us. It’s time to know more about the order processing. Without an order, how can we go into the game for the delivery?^_^Overview, there are three steps as follow.

  1. Select Game/Realm/Factor, and decide how many you would like to buy. Feel free to get four tips to buy WOW gold here!
  2. Provide us both game information (e.g.: game characters, delivery methods) and personal information(full name, contacts, etc). Review, confirm and pay the order. All information are transfered via SSL.
  3. After purchase, your will received an email(include account and passwords at the first your purchase).
  4. Wait a while and get. Fast Wow gold delivery within no more than 30 minutes once we have stock in your realm of World of Warcraft. Highly recommend you to Use live chat to check the actual stock amount please!
  5. That’s all!

How to get gold in Wow?

The key point in this section is the delivery of buying Wow gold. We accept any viable methods of delivery.

  1. In-Game Mail: The oldest way for the delivery, it’s convenient but maybe not safe enough.
  2. Character to Characterthe safest: Trade face to face in World of Warcraft:) A bit more safe!
  3. Put into Your accountcheaper still safe: Let us to login your account, draw money from our guild. The safest, and highly recommend. Sweat: 5% free-gold bonus! It is added once you choose this method when you buy WOW gold.
  4. Through Action: you sell cheap stuff at action house, we purchase. It seems it’s the secure method as well. However, it’s too exposed. That’s why we don’t add it to our system. So you should inform us via live chat or toll free or order comment if you love the method.

Deliver Wow Gold Instantly

Fast Gold Delivery? In most of case, we have ability to deliver in no more than half hour after your payment has been validated. Because we keep a decent amount World of Warcraft gold in stock. Based upon the 29,200 gold orders in the last year, 79.84% orders has been delivered in no more than 30 minutes. However, the delay can happen as nothing is impossible. Sometimes we are out of stock, so we need time to grinding for your order start from scratch. Because we grinding gold in Wow by hand, it may takes a bit longer time based upon the amount. Thanks for your understanding. By the way, we have the credit points system as rewards or compensations. In other words, you are qualified to request the MmorpgRealm’s credit points once your World of Warcraft gold has been delayed.

We don’t ask any customer to return the goods back once we have delivered the gold in Wow. If any one PM you in the game and claim that they are from 21 CGE, please confirm it via Live Chat or Toll free first! Be careful about the in-game scams!

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Money Payment for Buying WoW Gold

As well as delivery methods, MmorpgRealM give our consumers the wide choices of payment solutions. The all of them are third party solution. In other words, we don’t support credit card directly for the time being. It means that you need not to share the sensitive information with us. You are 100% secure! Feel free to buy Wow gold with payment gateways below.

  1. PayPal: One of the biggest and safest payment internet gateway. They accept all types of credit cards. If you are purchase at the Unite States or Australia, you are able to use the PalPay services for online purchase without registration.
  2. Google Checkout: Backing soon! Within 2 days, you will buy wow gold with Google Checkout again. Thanks to Google Checkout engineers who help us to set the awesome checking gateway back. The newer, but provides via the most famous search engine company.It has been suspended. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
  3. moneybookers: More worldwide, and more popular for European.
  4. Telegraphic Transfer: New Payment Solution via Bank Transfer. You will be able to buy wow gold with 5% money saving or other product/services purchase once you pay with the Telegraphic Transfer.

Notices: If you pay with E-CHECK, the virtual goods will be delivered till the echeck has been cleared. It always takes 3-5 business days.
Tips: Any others solution you would like to recommend us to support? Feel free to contact us via any of the following methods:

  1. Live Chat(24/7/5, instantly response:) – just click the link at the top-right corner or the 6th icons of your left hand.
  2. USA Toll Free(24/7/5, we pay for your calling) – (1)888-827-2538; If you are living in European or other country, you may try to use VOIP software(such as SkyPe) to dial for free calling.
  3. Online Contact form(response in 24 hours) – Go to the form by clicking ABOUT US page at the bottom of each page of our store.

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Don’t have an WoW accounts yet? You have multiple choices. The first one is buying Wow accounts directly. It’s simple. However, you may not find the comfortable one in our list. That’s not problem! You could buy Wow Authentication and time card to create account by yourself. If you would like the second way, have an look at our Wow power leveling section please! Then it’s time to buy Wow gold.

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    4 years experiences in the marketing, we learned lots of things from you guys. So we thank each visitor/buyers. You give us confidences and hopes always. As you known, there are too many sites are selling WOW gold. And we believe the numbe of stores will be increased as time goes on. We are glad to see that, as it means more players may enhance the game exprience with ease. Unfortunately, some merchanters forsake everything for the profit, even the in-game entironment. So please be aware of that you shoud always to choose the place to buy gold carefully. Do NOT let yourself drop into the risk of account banning! Do NOT let yourself to support gold spamming in WoW! Choose an old and safe gold store please if you are serious about World of Warcraft! We will continue to improve our services for your satisfaction.

    For new consumers, you can get 10% free gold of your total purchase as bonus. Thanks for your purchase first!

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