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MmorpgRealm, one of the safer Wow gold store to buy World of Warcraft gold, power leveling services, Wow accounts (buy or sell) and game cards. The e-store is open throughout 24 hours in each 7 days. In other words, world of Warcraft players are able to buy gold in Wow and other Warcraft services at any time.

WoW Gold

As the money in World of Warcraft, is one of the essential gears. Even some WOWers told us the gold is everything in WoW. Any way, be similar with our the real life, nobody won’t love money:) Ah…So how do you usually get it? Farming gold by yourself? It’s the most safe way to get warcraft gold. However, it doesn’t mean that buying wow gold isn’t legal (In most of case, it could be acceptable although seems it violates the terms of the World of Warcraft, know more about why blizzard combats the gold exchange). The emphases is that how the gold you bought be farmed in World of Warcraft. In other words, the gold trade is legally if the gold produces legally in World of Warcraft. So you should be serious about the site that you would like to take action of WOW gold purchase. Mmorpgrealm is the canonical place to buy wow gold, although it’s not maybe the cheapest gold in the marketing. For instance, will you buy any if we sell a account with several leveling 80 characters and Wow gold 5000 at $89 dollars?

We know everyone prefer to buy cheaper warcraft gold, so some buyers click more than 5 stores in a google search result page and compare the prices of those gold store. The cheapest one win their orders. It’s totally wrong (learn more about choose wow gold stores correctly). As you hasn’t never any care about your wow account’s security. The account maybe suspends by Blizzard. As we have mentioned above. On the other hands, there are many gold store are close/out of business daily(,compared with MR, who is solid in the business more than 4 years. Imagine that you can’t open the website where you buy gold from and haven’t received your gold any more. Don’t dropped into those risks! Be careful about both your money and account while you want to buy World of Warcraft gold online. By the way, gold promotions are everywhere at our store to help your money saving. Read the 4 tips to buy cheaper Wow gold first.

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WoW Account

WoW Account could be bought directly too. There are some players maybe would like to give their accounts away for a given reason. MmorpgRealm bought those type of wow account (be dropped by legal world of warcraft players). The purchase pricing are always based upon the gears, items, leveling etc. And retail price of wow account equals their purchase prices plus 3% of total payout for the account. Please feel free to sell or buy Wow accounts at our store.

MmorpgRealm has more than 1,000 accounts in stock by now. The leveling of most of them are higher than lvl 60, and include Burning Crusade at least. Specially, some of accounts has more than one characters. And the stock consists of all 10 classes(druid, death knight, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock,warrior). As of the professions, it’s based upon the classes and most of the skills are full points. Don’t hesitate, choose one for yourself now!

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WoW Card

WOW card is the first thing you should buy once you decide to play the game. Traditionally, WoW authentication key binds with the CD of World of Warcraft. The serial number could be found under or in the box of game CD. Usually, it includes 30 days of free playing time. One of the famous CD includes burning crusade is Battle Chest. So most people drive car to supermarket or real game shop for CD so that they could start to play. However, the internet should be convenient. You could down the game from internet or copy it from your friends. You will save both time and gas.

The next step is wow account creation after wow installation. It is time to buy wow card. On MmorpgRealm, we provides all kinds of cards for World of Warcraft, both US and EURO:

  • WOW Authenticatino Key (30 days free playing time included) – US: $18.49/EURO: €12.51
  • World of Warcrat two months pre-paid game card – US: $27.39/Euro: €23.26
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest (30 days free playing time included) – US: $40.99/Euro: €27.05
  • Burning Crusade Expansion Pack – US: $23.19/EURO: €13.83
  • Wrath of The Lich King Expansion – US: $39.99/EURO: €26.08
  • Cataclysm – Coming Soon

As you can see, we offer each type of wow cards. More about WoW Game Card!

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WoW Power Leveling

We have to say that world of Warcraft gold isn’t everything while we take a look at leveling of a wow account. However, wow leveling is the time-consuming work. It has no worthwhile when you are trying to get the level capacity for two or three character with the same class and race specially. Some of leveling have no signification, such as leveling 1-39 if you are an expert. So we highly recommend that the expert use our WoW power leveling services, instead of upgrading levels by themselves.

For WOW beginners, we don’t encourage to use the power leveling services, as you maybe miss the basic understanding of the game. But you really have no time and energy to spend on leveling grab. We are pleasure to work for you.

As we know, some wow store sells their wow power leveling at very very cheap prices, such as They use automatic wow bots for your characters. It has a good opportunity of account banned. If you are serious about your wow account, please don’t buy wow power leveling from those type stores. Or you maybe would like to try WoW cheats by yourself. Sorry for that we reject to use wow bots for our power leveling consumers. There is no any bot at MmorpgRealM at all.

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A bit more about the company: The team behinds the famous online World of Warcraft store are in the business since 2004, although the site has been setup in 2006 and started to sell wow services in 2009! At this time, the most popular product here is World of Warcraft gold. We have sold 3,000 Million Warcraft gold in the first month. Read Full Version about

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